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The following are abbreviated answers to common questions. 
Please see the
SMS Student/Parent Handbook  for detailed information on school policies. 

** Please check the Parent Links in the left menu for additional important links and information.

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Schaghticoke is pronounced SCAT-uh-coke or SCAT-uh-cook (early colonial spelling: Scaticook) derived from an Algonquian word Pishgoch-ti-goch meaning "Where the river forks" and likely refers to the confluence of rivers at Bulls Bridge in Kent. Did you notice that the SMS logo is an arrowhead with a forked river running through it? Our logo was created by students that won a contest during the first year Schaghticoke Middle School was open.




Main Office Hours

Office Hours are Monday-Friday  7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Summer business hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

PHONE (860) 354-2204     FAX (860) 210-2216

Absences: 860-354-2204  Ext 195
NOTE: Absences require a parent/guardian phone call or a handwritten note on the student's first day back to school.  Email will not  be accepted!

Contacts for After Hours Bus Concerns
Director of Fiscal Services  860-354-8726 
Superintendent's Office  860-355-8406

What are the regular school hours?

School Hours and Bell Schedules

Weather or Emergency cancellations, late openings, or early dismissals.

Click here for Closing and Delay Information . 

Click here to sign up for School Messenger Notification System
*you will need your student's ID#* 
You can log into your account and add phone & text numbers
and email addresses.

SMS 2 Hour Delayed Opening 9:35 AM

*All afterschool activities are cancelled on early dismissal days.

How do I contact a teacher or staff member? You can click on the staff member's name on the STAFF DIRECTORY page to send them an e-mail. You can also phone them at 860-354-2204. 
Where can I find out about activities and events happening at SMS?
This website is a great resource to keep you updated. Check @SMS_CT,  @SMS_SURGE, @DrChrisLongo and others on Twitter, or the News and Calendar on this website often. Local cable channel 194 posts NMPS district and school events. Students should check the website and also watch for signs posted at school for information about clubs & sports. 

What do I need for a parent pick-up or to walk home?

Parent Pick-Up/Walker Information & Permission Form
Where do I look for something I have lost?

Lost & Found:
Clothing is on tables in the first floor hallway.
Jewerly, books, and small items are in the Main Office.
Eyeglasses are in the Nurse's office.

When will I know my schedule?

Schedules will be sent home in late August, before school starts.
School counselors will be able to answer any questions you may have.

How will I find my classrooms on the first day?

Everyone will be assisting the new students to find their way around for many days at the beginning of the year.  Our teachers and students are very helpful.


How much homework will I have?


Homework assists with the development of a responsible, independent learner.  As students progress from seventh to eighth grade, the amount and type of work will vary.  Most students in grade 7 can expect regular daily assignments that may take up to 90 minutes to complete.  The time for students in grade 8 may increase to 120 minutes per night.  Some students may spend more time than others on given assignments.  Naturally, students in Level 1 math should expect to spend additional time.
Students are responsible for work missed due to absence from school.  Students who have difficulty completing homework may be required to attend the after school Academic Fitness Club. 

What are the grade requirements to make Honor Roll?

Click here for Honor Roll and Academic Awards Information.

How do I buy my lunch?

Students have the choice of either paying cash or using the school's account system.  Parents can add money to their student's account online!  Click here for more information. The lunch period is 25 minutes long. Our café offers an a la-carte station where you can purchase individual items.
The lunch menu can be found under
School Information & Forms > Food Service >   Menus
or in the local newspaper.
Lunch Prices
A link to the Food & Nutrition Services webpage is under "Information" in the left menu.


What do I do if I forgot my lunch money?

Click here for information.

What do I do if I'm late for school?

Come to the Main Office and check in with a Secretary.  Please bring a NOTE from your parent/guardian explaining what caused the lateness.  We need this for our attendance records.  The secretary will then send you to class.

What do I do if I have to leave school early?

If you have to leave early just bring a note from home and give it to your homeroom teacher or the main office. The Secretary will then set up the arrangements for you to leave.  All your parent needs to do when dismissal time comes is to report to the Main Office to sign you out of school. As soon as your parent/guardian arrives, we will call you down from class.

What do I do when I'm absent from school? 

In the interest of student safety, we ask that parents call the attendance line at 354-2204 X195 to report a student absence and the reason for the absence. Absences require a parent/guardian phone call or a handwritten note on the student's first day back to school. Email will not  be accepted!
If no call is received, an attempt will be made to contact the parent.
Students must check with teachers for missed work when they return.

What do I need to do about a pending absence due to family vacation?

Student absenteeism due to family vacation - Teachers and administration should be notified of the student's absence as soon as the plans are solidified. Please fill out and submit this form. Call x302 for assistance. Parents are asked to meet with the principal to review the guidelines we have put in place at SMS to help our students in their educational endeavors.

What do I do if I need to stay after school to do school work or activities? 

You must have a teacher's permission to stay for a specific reason and a signed permission slip with pick-up time from your parent or guardian. Verbal permission will not be accepted.  Permission can also be faxed to 860-210-2216.

What do I do if I need to take a different bus?

This is a quote from our student/parent handbook.  Please read carefully.   

 "Bus passes for students to ride a different bus will be issued for emergency reasons only, and a note from the parent is required 24 hours in advance with a phone number where the parent can be contacted.  Buses are crowded, and we cannot make exceptions.  Even emergency requests cannot be guaranteed.  Requests for riding a different bus to visit a friend or to work on a school project are not considered emergencies."

What are this year's current prices for:

Breakfast / Lunch 
Hall Lock/Locker Deposit: $5.00  
Gym Lock Replacement: $5.00 

What activities are available in school and who can join?

There are lots of sports, clubs and activities available for everyone and we believe strongly that you should try to get involved in school activities.  Most of our activities are open to anyone to join.  Some sports are open to everyone and some have try-outs. In some cases we run special activities such as Socials which are for a specific grade.  Some activities have special qualifications, such as Student Council. If you are interested in joining a sport, club or activity, speak to the advisor and watch for signs posted at school. You will find most activities are posted in the News and/or on the Calendar on this website.   Currently available Clubs & Activities

What is EBS?

Respect for School
Respect for Others
Respect for Self

At Schaghticoke, we have established a community of learners in which all members work together to create a culture that promotes a positive attitude towards academic success and creates an atmosphere conducive to the emotional and social well being of all students. We are implementing a behavior management program entitled Effective Behavior Support. The purpose of school wide EBS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm. Through the theme of RESPECT, members of the faculty, staff, and administration will be reinforcing good behavior and character development. Throughout the year, elements of this theme will be interwoven with the curriculum and everyday activities to reinforce the importance of respecting and understanding the school, self, and others.

Can I bring cell phones or electronic devices to school? See the Student Handbook for detailed information on our policy.
Click here for the district's BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) regulation. All students must submit a signed BYOD agreement to use devices in school.
When are Parent-Teacher Conferences?

Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child's teachers to share concerns. Parents may schedule conferences with the academic team and/or counselor. Scheduled dates for parent conferences can be found on the District School Calendar.